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Tool for small tea growers

Small tea growers in the country will now get a platform to be complaint with international and national standards and be competitive in the market by improving quality and realising their aspiration for a better proce for their produce.

Solidaridad Asia is a global sustainability organisation, which has extensive experience in providing sustainability and training initiatives for several international projects covering tea as well as other commodities. Solidaridad Asia is providing Rs 8 crore for the programme and has developed android based digital training tool for the farmers in the local language, to continue training virtually.

Vivek Geonka, the chairman of the association, sai the programme would facilitate the tea industry to be readyy for new age customer demands.

In recent times, several producers in the traditional sector, including associations members, have increased their stakes in sourcing green leaf to complement their production.

The project aims to engage with the small tea growers to improve their competitivenes, better knowledge sharing in agricultural practices, enhancement of quality, achieving global sustainability standards, and most importantly to benefit society at large.

The program will set up a traceability mechanism to enable continous monitoring of source of supply.

Shatadru Chattopadhayay, the managing director of Solidaridad Asia, said, "It is our motto to bridge the gap and see to it that small holders get an even playing ground in the global market. We have to ensure that the produce is accepted with high regard nationally as well as internationally. Smallholder sector now accounts for about 60 percent of indias tea production. "